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The Most Talked-about Moments From Last Night's Video Music Awards | Abc7.com

Pharoah did a host of impressions Host Jay Pharoah of SNL did plenty of impressions, with Jay Z and Kayne West being http://madlynbonillatown.wetpaint.com some of the favorites. A moment of silence was held for Ferguson. The night had some serious moments, including Common's moment of silence for those affected by the violence in Ferguson. Miley surprised us again. Miley Cyrus is a talker for a very different reason this Kim Kardashian dad year. When given the Video of the Year award, Cyrus gave her speech time to a homeless youth named Jesse. The singer's post about the cause on her Facebook page has since gone viral. Bey blew everyone away...
Source: http://abc7.com/entertainment/the-biggest-moments-from-last-nights-vmas/279862/

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