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Texas High School Makes Playoffs At 0-10

''They've asked me ... `Coach, you just got beat 66-6. Why are you so excited?''' Sanders said. ''All I want in life is an opportunity. Hey, this week is opportunity No. 11.'' The possibility of Texas having what is believed to be its first winless playoff team was set in motion earlier this year when Scarborough was placed in a five-team district by the state's governing body of public high school kim kardashian surgery sports. Not long after, one of the schools was almost shut down before being spared - but without athletics. Since four teams make the playoffs, Scarborough was thus guaranteed getting in before the season http://parisrett4k.skyrock.com/3236814419-Kim-Kardashian-Goes-Full-frontal-Naked-Shows-Off-Boobs-And-Everything.html started. The same http://prodvousbosu.blog.fc2.com thing could happen next year because the realignment process runs in two-year cycles.
Source: http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/texas-high-school-makes-playoffs-at-0-10/ar-AA7Q98Z?srcref=rss

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