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Hollywood Posters, A Colfax Avenue Fixture, Is Closing After 35 Years - The Denver Post

A poster promoting "The Big Sleep" rests against a wall as John Caruso, owner of Hollywood Posters works <a href=clicking here at his shop in Denver on Thursday.' /> John Caruso first opened Hollywood Posters in 1980, when Capitol Hill was saturated with colorful things to look at, listen to link and, for a price, take home. "I started coming here back when Colfax was nice and grimy," said go here now Dwayne Lance Bodenhemier, a 48-year-old Denver native who has been shopping at Hollywood Posters since 1983 . "I love it because it feels like a closet." Some of the 15,000 movie posters in the inventory of Hollywood Posters, 326 E. Colfax Ave. in Denver. (Special to The Denver Post) Three bookstores and a record store formerly dotted a single block of East Colfax between Grant and Logan streets, just east of the Capitol building, Caruso said. "The record store guy used to play 'Smoke on the Water' all day on his bass guitar and it would drive me crazy, but it was a great block. It was very different," he said.
Source: http://www.denverpost.com/entertainment/ci_27607816/hollywood-posters-colfax-avenue-fixture-is-closing-after?source=rss

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